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    April 24, 2013



    Congratulations! Welcome to the lucrative world of simple out sourcing jobs! In this job, a worker is paid by the company for the task completed by him. Assigned tasks are very small and easy to do. There are 500 different kinds of companies world wide will pay you commissions for completing their simple works. About eighty thousand tasks are available.

    Now a day, every one searching about data entry jobs, data entry work, typing job, writing job, data processing, data conversion etc. To start these type of work, someone should have a small company with at least 10-15 people to work. Every one wants to be a successful money maker in online. Could this be possible for all? because the awareness and the knowledge about internet marketing is below average. So most of the methods do not help them to earn money. They start thinking net marketing or online business is worthless, waste of time.

    In other way, they have to pay some initial money to get orders from the data entry distributor. Then he has to ensure that the payment and related activities are genuine or not. After they will give some materials and the work will be sent through mail. Then they will receive and do it, according to the accuracy and quality, they will get paid. Till the contract is over the pre deposited money will not be refunded. This is the normal procedure for a data entry projects that is done in off-line. Among them, this is totally different.

    But our system requires a home PC, internet connection and 2-3 hours work. No initial fees, no website, no product, no typing speed, no special skills like java, java script, vb script, c, c++, web designing, search engine optimization etc. Any one is having basic english knowledge and computer with internet skill can do it well in this fantastic program.

    This site is a mediator for job providers and workers. Every worker put their job with the description and guide lines respectively for how to complete the task. Each job has its ownpayout that is determined by the job providers. About 500 and more kinds of jobs are available. These are simple projects which can be done it 2-5minutes or maximum 10 minuets.

    As like the time consumption the pay out are also low such as $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05 and it increases according to the nature of work. Maximum pay out for one completed task is $30.00. But you are not going to concentrate high payout projects; on the contrary you mustconcentrate low payout projects that pay you $0.05for one completed task.

    Why I am stressing for low payout projects? Because they are huge and always available morethan 2000,so you pick $0.05value projects and can do at least 100-150in 2-3hours that fetchyou around $6.00 a day which is equal to INR 300. Think if you continue the same for onemonth your income will be $180.00 a decent income from your free times.

    It is very easy to become a member in this fantastic money making site. Every month you will be receiving your commission either check for Indians, or depositing directly to your bank account for others. Now you are on the way to earn thousands right from the comfort of yourown home. You will be earning at least $15.00 daily upon buying this lucrative method. This willhelp you to make a decent income every month by doing some simple data entry work in yourhome computer.

    Don’t waste your valuable time and money for getting a data entry job. Try this which is suitable for. If you do it in a net café or browsing center, the chances of earning much is less. So those who are having a home pc with internet connection can do it. This needs your PAN card or Passport scanned copy that is to be uploaded for one time verification and to become eligible for receiving payment for the work done.

    We are earning a decent income from this fantastic job. To become a member in this site, make a purchase of our e-book containing full details about this money making site. You may think as I am already earning a good income from this, why can't I give this ebook for free of cost? If I give this information for free, this will reduce the impact and reputation of this job. So you are required to pay only $10.00 to down load this ebook.

    Ok. Actually what kind of jobs you are going to do. It’s very simple and easy. An ordinary person can do this job. It’s a simple task which cannot be performed by a computer alone, which needs the help of the human intelligent. So you have to finish those tasks. Tasks are easy and fun to handle.1000 of tasks are there, you can pick any job which you feel that you are comfortable with that.

    One task payout are given below with example.

    1. Find the email address in the given website - $0.01

    2. Create an Email A/c for the given details - $0.25

    3. Translate French to English of the given letter - $0.50

    4. Give some review about given topic - $7.50

    5.Write 400 words article $4.00

    6.Classify this advetiser -$0.03

    7.Answer 2 simlpe questions from the shopping website-$0.05

    8. Urdu to English Translation -$1.00

    9. Find contact info from a food blog post -$0.05

    10.Verify business addresses & phone numbers, with $0.05 bonus -$0.05

    11. Select the best category for each product -$0.02

    Payouts start from $0.01. The maximum payout for one completed task is $7.50. Low payout tasks are always available above 2000 tasks. And $1, $2, $3, $4 and $7.5 these will be limited. You can choose the tasks accordingly how much money you need to receive every month.

    One day = $5. For 30 day = $5x30 = $150 = Rs. 6,750/-
    One day = $15. For 30 day = $15x30 = $450 = Rs. 2,0250/-
    Yearly your earnings will be
    = 2,0250x12 = Rs. 2,43,000/-

    You dreams can become true! You are investing money to a job which is giving more than $100- $400 a month. Without much effort your free times are converted into cash. Is it super no? Bepositive! Be you own boss! Make your fortune! Grow with Us! Rush!   Sign up today!  TRY IT NOW  

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    1. interest this but i dont have invesment so pls cnt this mail id yamunan48585@gmail.com

    2. hai i am saranya 10 months experience in bpo i am interested to wrk part time job

    3. Hi i m dhinesh.
      Currently i m proceeding my B.Tech- II year.
      I want to do a part time job.


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